Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It has really been a hectic couple of weeks. But I had a wonderful Christmas. As I told you yesterday I got my best friend back and I got to spend some quality time with my son. I have really been blessed this year. I received several gift certificates to stitching stores as well as a couple of non-stitching ones. Also some cash (which I have earmarked for some silk fibers that I want), and a gc for a lovely pedicure! My son also gave me the gift of his time to help me do some things that I need to do. All in all a good Christmas.

But the good thing is --that it isn't over yet. This weekend I am hosting a get together of 6 friends for our *Christmas* party. We will stitch, talk, eat, exchange gifts, eat, stitch, catch up, stitch......well you get it. So my Christmas is lasting for two weeks! These ladies are the best friends a person could have. They visit with me and take care of me throughout the year and make me feel very special at all times. I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have such a group of caring, loving friends. I will definitely tell you all about our weekend next week.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Christmas Miracle

Last year my best friend was diagnosed with Cancer. After much thought, prayer, and discussion she decided not to go through with Chemo as the doctor told her that although it might lengthen the time she has left it would lessen the quality of her remaining time. I think this was more devastating to me than it was for her but we have to accept things as they come. A few months later she decided to move back to Spokane, Washington to be with her daughter at the end. I was heartbroken but I understood why she wanted to be there. Thorough a comedy of errors on both ends we lost touch after a few weeks--telephone #'s changing, visiting with her sister who was then hospitalized and moved, daughter remarried and I didn't know her new name, etc. I was frantic to try and find her and she had been trying to reach me--my telephone # had also changed and I couldn't let her know.

On Dec 23rd I had a nightmare about her and I just knew something had happened. I was determined to find her somehow. I decided that the next morning I would call her estranged husband and see if he would give me her telephone number. (I had my doubts that he would co-operate, but I was determined to try!) So on Christmas Eve morning I called but didn't get an answer. Later that afternoon I tried again. I was NOT going to let Christmas come and go without talking to her!! I dialed the number and SHE answered the phone!!! It seems that she and Harold had missed each other more than they realized and had reconciled! And she had come home!

I was estatatic! As was she. And we talked for an hour and it truly was the best Christmas present I could have wished for! And to make things even better...her health was better. Her Cancer had slowed down (although not in remission) and she was feeling good.

My Best Friend is Home Again! Miracles do happen.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

This has been a hectic week but Christmas is finally here. I hope that each of you have a wonderful and safe Holiday and a prosperous and healthy New Year. I will be back later to tell you everything that has been going on but for now I must go see what Santa brought me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ornament Finished

Windchime Ornie Front, originally uploaded by Mad Stitcher.

Well, the holidays have really cut into my stitching time but I have managed to finish a couple of small projects. One is an ornament for an ornament exchange. I designed this Hardanger ornament and stitched it with DMC Pearl Cotton on 20 ct Metallic Lugana. I added a Mill Hill Snowflake Treasure to the front and personalized the back. I then made it into a windchime. I hope my recipeint likes it. Here is the front side:

Windchime Ornie Back, originally uploaded by Mad Stitcher.

And here is the back side. It was really fun to stitch.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fun Day

We just had Christmas at my house and it was so much fun. Kaitlin is such a baby doll and Jeb is a wonderful young man. Kaitlin's stocking was a big hit. Everyone liked it-- even Kaitlin who thought it was delicious! I got a GC and cash for STASH and another GC and wonderful homemade goodies as well. I am so happy but very tired as well so I am going to go stitch for a while and then have an early night.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Santa with Tree

Santa with Tree, originally uploaded by The Mad Stitcher.

I have just a few minutes while getting ready for the Family Get-together tomorrow so I thought I would share a photo of Ian's stocking. I think it turned out beautifully. I will be getting his to him on Monday so it will be ready for Santa to fill up with goodies.

Friday, December 15, 2006

On the Rooftop

On the Rooftop, originally uploaded by The Mad Stitcher.

This week has been really crazy and I didn't get much stitching done. But I did finally get Kaitlin's stocking finished. And I think it turned out really well. She will be getting it on Sunday when we have Christmas here at my house. So it will be hanging on Christmas Eve when Santa comes to visit.

I have been busy trying to clean just a bit and put up a tree. It is difficult for me so I am just putting up the small tree again this year. But when I got out all the hand stitched ornaments given to me by stitching friends over the last three or four years it really made me smile. These are the only ornaments that will be on my tree and it will be beautiful.

Monday, December 11, 2006

French Alphabet Sampler Specifics

I was asked about the specifics of my French Alphabet Sampler so I thought I would share it here. I am so excited. I managed to get 6 generations covered with names and/or initials.

Both Maternal and Paternal Grandparents
My Parents
My 2 Brothers and 1 SIL
My Son and Stepdaughter
My 2 step Grandchildren and spouses
My 2 Great-grandchildren
And, of course, my late DH and me--including both surnames, both first names and both initials and our nicknames as well--Stormy and Bo

I think that's a total of 29 names/initials and 3 dates, some stitching motifs and I am going to make a place for a Celtic motif of some sort to represent our heritage. Lynne, did an absolutely fantastic job on this and I am completely satisfied with the results.

I am going to be using White Belfast for this one to make the Dragon Blood really stand out beautifully. I can't wait for Jan 1st!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

My decision is made!

Today I received the sample skeins of silk that I ordered in various shades of red. I wanted to make sure that I have the right one for my FAS. Since this design is so large and will take a lot of time and fibers, I want it to be perfect. And I found it. It is Dragon Blood silk from Vikki Clayton. This is a varigated silk ranging from a dark rich red to a bright Christmas red with just the right tone and shading. A really rich and vibrant color without being garrish. I am so pleased and excited. Now I just have to order my 30 skeins of it and I will be ready for my January 1st start date.

Monday, December 04, 2006


This weekend was a very quiet one for me. I spent Friday and Saturday stitching on the Mystic Meadows model that I am doing. This is the 3rd one of these I have stitched but it is such a wonderful project that I do not mind. On Sunday I really didn't feel like stitching so I sorted and organized some more of my fibers. I am trying to get all my stash organized so that I know what I have!

Today I received the *package has been sent* notice from Vikki Clayton about the package containing my skeins of reds to try out for my FAS. I am so excited. I will finally be able to make the final decision on fibers for this so that I can start it on January 1st. ( I always have a special project to start at midnight on Jan 1 !) 2007 is going to be the year for ME. I am going to limit my model stitching and my obligatory stitching as much as possible so that I can get some things finished for myself. I know, I know. I say this every year--but this year I mean it!

French Alphabet Sampler--begins Jan 1st
Chatelaine's Mystery X Garden--begins Jan 1st
WIP's for Alhambra Garden (Chatelaine), Ingrid Bergman Rose (The Silver Lining), Rembrandt Tulips (The Silver Lining), among others--will be completed in 2007!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Alphabetissimo, originally uploaded by The Mad Stitcher.

Today I would like to share a photo of a model that I recently finished for European Cross Stitch. It is Alphabetissimo from Papillion Creations and was stitched on white Jobelan using DMC fibers. Altough I haven't stitched this type of sampler before, I really enjoyed it.

This week has been a bit hectic.. I did manage to finish Kaitlin's stocking so I plan to assemble it this weekend. I also finished up an ornament/windchime for an exchange but can't share the pic quite yet. I will do so when it is received.

Christmas is getting really close and I am no where close to being ready. I did manage to get Jason's Christmas present without him seeing it. And I think he will be really surprised when he opens it! I want to get my house cleaned up but just don't have the strength and energy to do it. I seem to be doing everything in slow motion these days. But I am going to try to get some things done tomorrow.