Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You

Thank You!!! I have received several volunteers to sew me back together! One has even agreed we should use red silk floss and a decorative stitch! This makes me feel so much better. Now, at least, the rest of my *stuffing* won't fall out--but wait maybe I should let a bit more fall out. How much does stuffing weigh?

I had the first night of my sleep study and while the techs made it a very pleasant experience I must say that I was in so much pain that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. But they said they got enough so I am going back into the hospital tonight for part 2. I hope this one goes better pain-wise as I don't think I can stand another night like Sunday night.

I also visited my ophthalmologist this morning and he says that my diabetes has not caused any related problems with my eyes--for which I am eternally grateful. The black spot is a *floater* which has attached itself and stays in one place so isn't a major concern. The drastic change in my vision is a combination of age, the beginning of cataracts in both eyes and a *wrinkle* in the sheath lining over my retina. He says my vision can never be fully corrected but for now we will treat it as best we can. Just some new glasses for everyday use and readers for stitching. So as long as I can get my readers strong enough to stitch with I will be fine.

So that is it for today. Keep your fingers crossed for me tonight and I will let you know what happens.

Take Care & Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling Apart at the seams...

Well lately I feel as though I am falling apart at the seams! I told my friend Angel this and she said "Well, we will just have to find a stitcher to sew you back up. Does anyone know a stitcher around here?

I have been feeling really bad for quite a while now. My arthritis and fibromyalgia pain is getting progressively worse and it is beginning to be difficult to tell what pain is from what! I was also diagnosed with diabetes last year. And added along with my other health issues I feel that I am deteriorating rapidly. However, I guess it is just my imagination! Last week I went in for my annual physical and the doc did so many tests and x-rays you wouldn't believe it.

The good news was that I had lost 24 and 1/2 lbs, my EKG was normal, and some of my very unpleasant symptoms were caused by one of my medications--which is very good news as I was getting a bit worried about it. So he changed one of my meds and now these symptoms are now gone and I am actually beginning to feel a bit better. He also changed my anti-inflammatory meds and we will see if this helps with the arthritis and fibro.

One thing he did do however was refer me to a Neurologist who specializes in Sleep disorders. I saw him on Monday. He diagnosed me with Restless Leg Syndrome and believes I will need a CPAP device for sleep apnea. So I am now scheduled for a sleep study. We will see how that turns out. I am also scheduled to see my opthamologist on Wednesday to check out some radical changes in my vision and some black spots that have developed. And finally I have been scheduled for my Mammogram and Colonoscopy! Yuck!

I know this is probably a lot more information than you wanted to know but I thought I should let you know some of the things I am going through. If you can find it in your heart please remember me in your prayers. Some days I really wonder what else can happen--but then I find out!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Off with the old...

Things have been moving right along--and leaving me behind! Summer is gone and Autumn is on its heels. I did have a good summer. I didn't go anywhere but we managed to get the pool open and warm. We swam a lot and my dear friends Kiki, Angel, and Angela visited me several times for the girls' stitching weekends. I got to work on several of my wips and got to finish several models. I forgot to take photos of all the models I did for Tracy at Ink Circles but you can see them on her site--Growth Rings which made the cover on Just Cross Stitch, The Bramble and the Rose which was published in The Gift of Stitching, and Quaker Floral Puzzle which is going to be released next week at the Online Needlework Show. There are a couple more done but you will have to wait until they are released to see them. But they are great. Here is The Bramble and the Rose:

I have also finished up a couple of models for Vilma and they will be released over the next little while. I will post them here as soon as I am allowed.

I have been able to start one new non-model project. It is Needlemania's Jardin d'Jour. I am stitching it on 32 ct linen from Vikki Clayton using her silks in Caribbean Reef and Indigo Ocean with a touch of Exampler Crushed Berries for accent.
This one is going to be a gift for a special friend. I just hope I can get it finished in time.

So now I am settling in for lots of stitching and counting down until my annual Seaside Stitchers Retreat in November.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted. My only excuse is that I have been very busy with my other blog The Mad Stitcher & Company and my model stitching projects. I did promise you an update on my Black Dahlia. so here she is. I am really enjoying this and loving the way it is coming out. I just wish I had more personal stitching time to spend on it.

I have also managed to spend a little time on my CDC. I am using HDF silks in Tugtika and OMG Red 1135 for this one on opalescent white fabric. This one is coming along but again, not enough time.

My house is still on the market. We've had lots of showings but no offers yet. I am getting very frustrated and I just want it over with. We are still working on minor updates and trying to think of ways to improve our chances of selling but in this market I don't really know what it is going to take. But we are still trying to be optimistic. It is just so difficult.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me. I will be trying to post more often as things are slowly beginning to settle down a bit. I can feel autumn in the air and time to settle down with my needle and threads.