Monday, October 26, 2009

My Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a Stitching Birthday Party get together for Angel and me. There were 8 of us present including our honorary member of the Sisterhood, Jason. There was Kiki, Angel, Tracy, Angela, Bunny, Vilma, and myself along with Jason who tried to hide and stay out of the way but we kept needing him to move things, carry things and, of course, have birthday cake with us. He really should know that a good looking man can't get too far away from a bunch of women! Kiki prepared a wonderful meal of beef tips over rice and green beans. Angel provided fresh cantelope, apple slices, grapes, and cheese and Vilma brought the most delicious birthday cake. Vilma brought the cake as she has a fabulous bakery nearby who still makes the genuine
buttercream frosting! It was sinfully good and we all enjoyed it--even though we shouldn't have. We then had presents and lots and lots of laughter. We enjoyed lots of sharing of wips and finished pieces. Tracy showed us a wonderful sampler she had stitched and made into a 25th Anniversary sampler (Jardin d'jour by Needlemania). Bunny was crocheting a wonderful afghan as a gift for a friend. Angela was making a Towel cake for a wedding shower and it turned out simply fabulous.
Then she started making a "Marge Simpson" wig for Halloween. She was so funny in it. She promised to send us all photos of herself on Saturday night.

Angel was stitching on an autumn sampler that was done in beautiful vibrant fall colors. I look forward to seeing it finished. Kiki was working on Trinity and I was so glad to see it in person! She is doing a fantastic job of it. It is so much prettier in real life than any photos can show. Vilma brought her wip of A is for an Appil to show to the group. It was beautiful! I wasn't feeling very well but I did manage to do a bit of stitching on the cabinet.

Here are a few miscellaneous photos of the group.

Vilma and Kathy
Now remember that I have Shingles. All that swelling, blistering and rash are not usually there. And I wasn't able to put on makeup. I would not post this at all except that Vilma looks so good in it and I want you to meet her.




Angela and Tracy



Angela, Tracy, Kiki, Bunny (in pink in mirror), Vilma

And Jason (caught 'cha!)

We had such a wonderful time. Bunny's visit was a surprise as she had moved to Virgina. And it was wonderful to see her again. I don't mind having birthdays if they can all be as happy and enjoyable as this one. I received so many wonderful gifts including two beaded fobs from Tracy that are just fabulous. I will try to get pics of them in the next day or so. I also received a couple of new charts, several new variegated silks, and earphones that fit for my ipod!!!

Thank you my dear friends for everything! You are indeed very special *sisters*.

Till next time...Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Following Up

I am feeling much better today and I am so looking forward to the weekend. My Stitching Sisters are coming to my house for our get together and this time Vilma is going to be joining us. Tomorrow is Angels birthday (Oct 23rd) and mine is next week (Nov 2nd) so we are celebrating our birthdays this weekend. I can't wait for all the girls to get here. I feel like it has been forever since I have seen them. I will post a report on Monday.

Till then....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Sad Story

Sorry it has been a few days since I posted. Last Tuesday I started have excruciatingly stabbing pains in the side of my head/face. I have never before felt such pain. But it would come and go. I thought maybe I was getting a sinus infection so I took some decongestants but that didn't help. So then I thought well maybe it is an ear infection so I started putting heat to my face and this would help for a little while but then it would be back. Finally on Friday I decided to call my neurologist to see if the CPAP could be causing this. He said he didn't think so but to stop using it throughout the weekend and call back on Monday and let him know what is going on. So as the pain was getting to the unbearable point I called my PHP and he was out of the office but the doctor on call told me to go to the Emergency Room. By this time I was at the screaming stage and my son insisted that I go to the ER also. So he took me in and I was immediately diagnosed with Shingles. For those that do not know what shingles are....It is the same virus as chicken pox which has laid dormant for many many years and has suddenly become active again--usually due to stress or some other immune deficiency. It then attaches itself directly on to the nerves and causes extreme pain. It cannot be cured but it can be treated and made to go dormant again. Mine were affecting the left side of my face, ear, eyelid, and scalp. So he put me on an anti-viral medication and pain meds. And told me to follow up with my PHP on Monday.

I did as I was told and yesterday I went to my doctor and he gave me an additional anti-viral med and insisted I go back to the opthamalogist to check my eyes as shingles can cause blindness if it gets into the eyes. So this morning I went back to my eye doc and he told me that so far my eyes are okay. He says I am not out of the woods yet but since I am on both anti-virals that he feels optimistic that it will be okay. So I am really praying that it will be. I do not know what I would do if I lost my eyesight. Stitching is my only form of release now and I cannot imagine my life without it. But I believe God will take care of me. I am feeling better although I am still in some pain when the meds wear off. I haven't been able to get much stitching done but hopefully that will change soon.

So now you know the whole sad saga of The Mad Stitcher! And you are asking yourself...What else can happen to her? Please don't say it out loud! Fate might have to show you and I'm not sure I can survive it!

Till next time...Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Keeping Busy

Things have been moving along rapidly here. I had my follow up visit with my neurologist and he gave me the results of my sleep study. I have severe sleep apnea as well as Restless Leg Syndrome! So I am now using a CPAP machine to aid my breathing while I sleep. Hopefully this will make me sleep better, feeling more refreshed and energetic in the mornings. I surely hope so.

I am now almost finished with My Ladies Cabinet. I am hoping to get it done by the weekend. Then I will be focusing on another personal project until my next model arrives. It is now on its way to me so I am hoping to have just a little time for Jardin d'Jour or CDC.

I have really been keeping busy! I feel like I have been running non-stop for the last two or three weeks but it feels good also. I am getting things accomplished. So till next time.....Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Till Next Year!

What a wonderful Sunday afternoon here in South Carolina. It is sunny and warm with just a hint that autumn is here. I am sad however. Today is the last day of play for my Atlanta Braves! We didn't make the playoffs this year but just wait till next year!! I love baseball. I know some people think I am crazy but my Dad taught me to love it and I still feel close to him when I watch it. I always get a bit stir crazy after the World Series is done and I haven't been able to enjoy a game for a while. I always count the days till Spring Training starts each year.

I have been stitching on My Ladies Cabinet from Judy Odell at Just A Thought. I'm hoping to get this done this week so it can be finished. I am stitching the alternate version and Judy wants to show it on her site. I really like it and am having fun stitching it.

Things should calm down a bit for me this coming week so I should have some time for stitching. so I should see you again soon. Till then....Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 02, 2009

I made it!

Well, I made it through the 2nd night of the study and things went better this time. So at least now I can get some answers. I should know something definitive within the next week to ten days.

I got to stitch a while today. And it felt so good. I haven't felt like stitching in several days. But I hope now I am on the upswing. I am working on My Ladies Cabinet from Judy Odell of Just a Thought designs. I will try to get a photo of my progress this weekend. I can't wait to see this one all finished.

I am also hoping to get a few minutes on my CDC and Jardin d'Jour sometime this weekend. They have been screaming for attention. I am still waiting for some of the silks for the Fairy Mandela so it is still on hold for a little while. I have so much to work on I really don't know what to do when. But it is nice to have a choice.

I am really tired tonight so I will stop for now. Till next time....Happy Stitching!