Monday, October 26, 2009

My Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a Stitching Birthday Party get together for Angel and me. There were 8 of us present including our honorary member of the Sisterhood, Jason. There was Kiki, Angel, Tracy, Angela, Bunny, Vilma, and myself along with Jason who tried to hide and stay out of the way but we kept needing him to move things, carry things and, of course, have birthday cake with us. He really should know that a good looking man can't get too far away from a bunch of women! Kiki prepared a wonderful meal of beef tips over rice and green beans. Angel provided fresh cantelope, apple slices, grapes, and cheese and Vilma brought the most delicious birthday cake. Vilma brought the cake as she has a fabulous bakery nearby who still makes the genuine
buttercream frosting! It was sinfully good and we all enjoyed it--even though we shouldn't have. We then had presents and lots and lots of laughter. We enjoyed lots of sharing of wips and finished pieces. Tracy showed us a wonderful sampler she had stitched and made into a 25th Anniversary sampler (Jardin d'jour by Needlemania). Bunny was crocheting a wonderful afghan as a gift for a friend. Angela was making a Towel cake for a wedding shower and it turned out simply fabulous.
Then she started making a "Marge Simpson" wig for Halloween. She was so funny in it. She promised to send us all photos of herself on Saturday night.

Angel was stitching on an autumn sampler that was done in beautiful vibrant fall colors. I look forward to seeing it finished. Kiki was working on Trinity and I was so glad to see it in person! She is doing a fantastic job of it. It is so much prettier in real life than any photos can show. Vilma brought her wip of A is for an Appil to show to the group. It was beautiful! I wasn't feeling very well but I did manage to do a bit of stitching on the cabinet.

Here are a few miscellaneous photos of the group.

Vilma and Kathy
Now remember that I have Shingles. All that swelling, blistering and rash are not usually there. And I wasn't able to put on makeup. I would not post this at all except that Vilma looks so good in it and I want you to meet her.




Angela and Tracy



Angela, Tracy, Kiki, Bunny (in pink in mirror), Vilma

And Jason (caught 'cha!)

We had such a wonderful time. Bunny's visit was a surprise as she had moved to Virgina. And it was wonderful to see her again. I don't mind having birthdays if they can all be as happy and enjoyable as this one. I received so many wonderful gifts including two beaded fobs from Tracy that are just fabulous. I will try to get pics of them in the next day or so. I also received a couple of new charts, several new variegated silks, and earphones that fit for my ipod!!!

Thank you my dear friends for everything! You are indeed very special *sisters*.

Till next time...Happy Stitching!


CraftyPretender said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful party!!! I am so glad... you look so happy that it made me grin really wide too. May all your future birthdays be as good, if not better, than this one! EeKoon (HDF BB)

April Mechelle said...

Looka like a great time was had by all !! Great Friends are Special !!