Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Knight in Shining Armor

I was on my way to the tire store when suddenly I smelled it….That scent….

When I first met Bo in 1987, one of the first things I noticed about him was his scent. The fragrance of his cologne was unique. And the way it blended with his body chemistry was special and he smelled divine! It said so much about him. It was clean yet musky, bold without being overpowering and very seductive—at least to me. There were many times through the years when I teased him and said that it was his scent that I fell in love with. There were others that tried this particular cologne but no one made the same impact on me that he did.

And now here it is….that scent….And then I realized that Bo was there with me. The scent lingered and I began to talk to him. About nothing…About everything. I just talked. I told him how much I miss him and wish he were still there with me. For a moment I was very sad and then I was elated. I now understand that he is with me. A sense of security and warmth enveloped me and I felt more safe than I had felt in a very long time.

That scent remained with me as I drove and I continued to talk. I am sure anyone observing me must have thought me insane! But I really didn’t care. Just as I pulled into the store parking lot the spare tire blew out. Luckily I had already slowed and I was able to control the car. I pulled up to the door and sat there for a moment gathering my wits. It was then that I noticed the scent was gone. Totally. Why? Why was he there? Why had he left so suddenly? Had he been there to protect keep me from impending danger? I think so. I don’t always understand why things happen but I know that they do. Thank you sweetheart. You are still my Prince…my Knight in Shining Armor.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

What a Week....

Have you heard the term "The Luck of the Irish" ? I guess I'm not Irish! My luck runs more to "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all" !!

You would think after the adventures from last week that things would quieten down a bit. But, not so. I had decided that Monday I was going to take a "day off". Now you may ask how someone who doesn't work takes a day off? I had planned to sleep in and get up just when I wanted to. Then I was going to relax, watch the tv and stitch--no laundry, no cleaning, no errands--nothing!

Well I ended up having to do some laundry but that was all. Of course, my emails numbered well over 1000 so I had to whittle those down a bit. But I did get lots of stitching done.

The problem then arose on Tuesday morning. I needed to go to the nursing home to visit my Mom as well as to the Post Office, bank, supermarket, etc. So I got up relatively early, took my time waking up, then got showered and dressed. Went out to the car only to find a FLAT TIRE! What do I do? I tried calling my son for quite some time but was unable to reach him. I started looking for the number of a garage or someone who would make a "housecall" but no luck. I knew I no longer had the strength in my hands and arms to loosen the lug nuts so I tried again to reach my son. My wonderful neighbor and friend has just had open heart surgery so I knew he couldn't help and if I called him for information he would feel really bad that he couldn't help.

Finally I realized that I would not be visiting my Mom that day so I called the nursing home instead to check on her. About 4:30 pm I heard my other neighbor come in so I called him to ask if he knew of someone who could help. He, of couse, insisted on changing my tire for me. We also discovered that the tire could not be repaired so that means two new tires! (And my budget is sorely stretched this month!) By now it is too late to do any of my errands and the day is more or less wasted. So I change clothes, turn on the tv and pick up my stitching. About 8:00 pm my son finally returns my calls--then gets mad because I am upset with him!

Wednesday morning arrives with me not feeling so well. I take my time hoping the the quesiness will pass--it doen't! So there goes another day!!

On Thursday things are looking up a bit. I run my errands, go to see Mom and get back home just as the mail man is putting a package by my door. A couple of weeks ago I had seen a post on the TWBB that someone had the fabric and silks for Chatelaine's Mystery IV for sale. After checking out the price of the materials from European Cross Stitch and subtracting the cost of Braids, beads, and crystals I decided that it was still a very good deal. So I emailed to see if it was still available and it was. When I opened the package it was the entire kit for MIV! Everything--including beads and crystals. I had gotten it for $60 and the retail for this one was $165.50 from European Cross Stitch. Talk about a deal.

Maybe I'm a little Irish after all!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Stitching at the Beach -- 2004

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Stitching at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina sponsored by The Lazy Daizy, and featuring Teresa Wentzler (TWDesignworks), Karen Weaver (Black Swan Designs), and Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams, Inc.). And it was a real “trip”!!

It started out with a winter storm warning for our area. Now you must understand that this is SOUTH Carolina! When snow hits this area, everything shuts down. Well, it was supposed to hit in the wee hours Thursday morning. So after much thought and careful consideration I decided to head out on Wednesday evening in the hopes of beating the storm. Within five minutes of leaving home I ran into snow. It was coming down fast and furious but at least the roads were still clear. I fought snow and sleet most of the way. About fifty miles from the beach it turned to rain. By the time I reached Myrtle the wind and rain was at hurricane strength. And I could not believe how cold it was. You just don’t expect it to be 30°F.

I arrived at 4:15am and I didn’t know where the Sea Watch Resort is located. I knew I would never find it in the dark so I decided to find a place to park and rest a bit. Then I would have breakfast and visit Blue Bear Beads and waste a little time until check-in. Since it was raining so hard I decided to visit the hotel where I usually stay when I go to Myrtle. I knew they had a covered parking garage. So I made my way there and parked. When I turned off the engine it was merely seconds before the bone-chilling cold penetrated the car. It was then I realized that I had left home in such a hurry that I didn’t even pick up a jacket and my sweater was packed in my suitcase.

As I tried to take a nap the cold began to seep into my very bones. My joints and bones began to throb and I couldn’t tolerate it. So every few minutes I had to start the motor. This wouldn’t have mattered that much but I was afraid I was going to run out of gas! I watched with anticipation as the sky began to lighten slightly and the rain and wind lessened somewhat. I decided to look for the Sea Watch. I would pay for an extra day and try to get warm. I just could not take the cold any longer.

I found the resort with very little trouble and was told that I could check in early. As soon as I got to the room I turned up the heat and found a blanket in the closet. I wrapped up but I couldn’t get warm. It seemed hours before I began to thaw enough to unpack and get comfortable. Since it was still raining I decided to wait until Friday to go bead shopping. Instead I went to sleep!

When I awoke I realized the time, and began to get concerned that my roommate, Judy, had not yet arrived. But it seemed she was having an adventure of her own. She finally got to the room about 6:00pm and we immediately began catching up and stitching. Ordering Pizza quickly became the solution to dinner.

Friday morning arrived with overcast skies and still cold temperatures. Class was to start at 9:15 and we discovered that Karen who was to have been our first teacher had not been able to make the drive on Thursday. So Jennifer would take her place. We also learned that Teresa’s bag with our project piece and kits had been bumped from the plane and had not yet arrived.

We spent the first part of the morning sharing “horror” stories of our adventures and then played a stitchers version of Bingo. We had fun just getting to know everyone. Sarah gave us each a “Stitching at the Beach” tote bag designed for us by Jennifer and a packet of free designs including the six Fantasy Faire exclusives from Nashville Market.

After lunch Jennifer began her class and we were shown our first exclusive design. She also gave us a ‘make it and take it’ project of a small pincushion. Her husband Nick was with her and helped out. We learned that he is known as Mr. Dragon Dreams. He is just as funny and enjoyable as Jen is.

That afternoon Annette, Erin, Heather, Cathy, Melissa, Sue, and Jen joined me for our beading expedition. So off we went. I was adept at enabling several of the ladies and now I’m not sure if I will be forgiven for taking them! I could have spent a lot more than I did. (Actually I think I spent most of the weekend enabling everyone I saw.)

Afterward we were to celebrate Heather’s birthday at dinner. While trying to park the car we heard this horrendous noise. I thought for sure the bottom had fallen out of my car. I immediately got out and realized that my wheel chair lift had scraped a manhole cover and got stuck. The extra weight of my chair made my car sit much lower to the ground and with the rain I had not seen it. So there we are in the cold and rain unloading my chair and raising the car enough to get it moved and then re-loading the chair onto the lift. Bless Jen and Sue for staying with me and helping—even though it was freezing. By the time I got into the restaurant my hands were throbbing from the cold. So Annette and Cathy took pity and warmed them for me! There are times I feel that I am so much trouble but these ladies were the greatest and made me feel great. Everyone went out of their way to make things easier for me. When we finished eating we got back to the hotel without further “incidents”.

Saturday morning showed significant improvement in the weather although the temperature was still a little chilly. Class began with the news that Karen had made it! Her husband, Mike had driven her down so we owe him a huge Thank you! We also learned that Teresa’s bag had finally been delivered! So we would get to do our class projects after all.

Karen had designed a piece for us called Mermaid Magic and I immediately fell in love with it. I hope to get it finished without too much delay. She also gave us each a copy of a free design that she had intended for the Nashville market Fantasy Faire. It is called Fire and Ice and is beautiful.

Lunch was a lot of fun with Sarah, Karen and Mike, Jennifer and Nick and Teresa. Lots of door prizes were given. Lots of joy was shared and lots of friendships were made.

The afternoon class was with Teresa and it was well worth the wait. Her design incorporated everything that makes it a Teresa Wentzler and I cannot wait to have it finished. So now I have another three WIP’s added to my growing pile, as I just had to start all three pieces! Teresa is a great teacher and showed us all her specialty stitches and made us eager to start.

The day ended with Teresa, Karen, Mike, Jen and Nick joining a group of us for dinner at The Giant Crab. There were a total of seventeen of us. In addition to our guests of honor, there was Annette, Heather, Erin, Jen, Sue, Judy, Cathy, Melissa, Lisa, Leslie, Melinda, and I. We laughed a lot and talked a lot and shared memories and stories. And Teresa, Jennifer, and Karen signed my tote bag making it a very, very special memento of my trip.

These three ladies really made this weekend worth all the stress, worry, and effort it took to get there and my only regret is that it ended so soon.

Judy and I stitched and talked until the wee hours, reviewing everything we had seen and done. Finally we knew we had to get some sleep. On Sunday morning we left Myrtle Beach behind with clear skies and 60°F temperatures. The trip home was uneventful and rather anti-climatic after the adventures of the trip down. But now it is back to reality and the dreams of “next time”!

A Special Thanks to each of the ladies who helped make my life a little easier--Jen, Sue, Annette, Cathy, Melissa and Judy who put up with my whining and took such good care of me.

Monday, March 01, 2004


Thanks for visiting my Blog.

I love to talk! Whether on paper or in speech I tend to ramble a bit and I love to tell stories. So I have created this blog to allow for me to share some of my Ramblings! I have been writing since I was a teenager--mostly for my own entertainment. But about four years ago I began journaling more to help see things more clearly and to keep me sane.

I had been going through some rough times with my Mom and my Husband both suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's Disease and I was fighting some physical problems of my own. I needed an outlet. So I began writing The Ramblings of a Mad Stitcher. I began to share some of my stories with friends on the TWBB and it seemed that most of them enjoyed reading them. But as my Grandmother used to say..."Life Happens" and my posts became fewer and fewer and soon were forgotten.

At the urging of a few of these friends, I put my Ramblings into a printed format and made it available for a donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation.

I have continued my writing and now I can once again share it with anyone who is interested in reading it. So join me as often as you like and I will just continue to Ramble On!