Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another New Blog!

I have found another new blog and she is offering a giveaway. For anyone who is interested visit Silver Threads and Golden Needles. Here is a photo of the lovely Chatelaine she will be giving away. And be sure to check out her blog. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying you holiday! I am. I am getting ready to jump in the pool and then we are going to grill burgers and pig out! Well not really pig out--but we are going to enjoy the food. We love grilled hamburgers with lots of fresh veggies and ice cold tea or lemonade! Then it will be Braves baseball for me. Go Braves!

I am also putting the finishing touches on my new design model so I am still on target for an August release. I do hope I can get everything done. As soon as I can I will give you all a sneak peek!

On the house front still nothing! I am very close to just taking it off the market until (or is that *if*) the economy recovers. I really need to get to some of my things that are packed up. I want my stash around me!!!

I am hoping to get a pic of my Jeanne Ries tomorrow and post it for you to see. I am loving the way it is turning out. If you would like to join in our SAL just come on over to my forum We would love to see you there. It is so quiet and I am feeling very lonely!

So now go enjoy your weekend. Watch a ballgame and Stitch!

Until next time....