Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Stocking Update

Well, I have finished Kaitlin's Christmas Stocking except for the personalization. I am looking for a different alphabet to use and may end up having to design one I like. But at least I can relax a bit now. It is from the magazine formerly Stitcher's World--can't remember the new name--called Santa on the Roof. I stitched it on Evening Blue Murano fabric. I will take a pic to share as soon as I get the name on it.

So I plan to assemble both the Christmas stockings for Kaitlin and Ian this weekend. Now back to my models for a couple of days.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today I have been playing with my silks trying to decide on my fibers for the French Alphabet Sampler which I plan to start on January 1. I just got my *Mystery Spools* from Vikki Clayton and the reds are *almost* perfect , but they range from a medium to light to lighter red. What I am hoping for is a dark to medium to light variation. I know I can just get the solids and change threads but a nice varigated will be so much simpler. So I am going to beg and plead and try to bribe Vikki into adding a darker version of these OMG reds varigated to the line. Wish me luck.

The Blah's...

Yesterday was such a wasted day. I did next to nothing--just didn't want to move! And today hasn't been much better. Last night I did make significant progress on Kaitlin's stocking and if all goes well it will be finished tonight. But for some reason I just haven't wanted to do anything--not even stitch. I am making excuses for not picking up a needle--even though I have some serious deadlines. I finally gave myself permission to take some time off, so the stocking (all cross stitch, nothing difficult, don't have to think too hard) is all I'm doing. Hopefully when I get it finished I can get the two stockings assembled and at least that pressure will be off. Then I can focus on the two models that I need to get done.

The house is a mess and even thinking about the Christmas decorating is too much for me at this time. Our Christmas with the Bonhams always comes early--a week or so before the 25th--so I really do need to get a move on. My decorating has been almost non-existant since Bo and my Mom passed away but I am thinking of doing a bit more than my tiny little tree this year. I may even put up a big tree again--after all, this is Kaitlin's first Christmas. I guess we'll see when the time comes. First I really need to get the house cleaned and the rugs shampood. How do you spell *shampood*? This doesn't look right!

Okay, enough for now. I am going to try to finish that stocking!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I don't know about you but I was NOT going to get into the mess on the roads today. Even though our state offered a tax free weekend, it just wasn't worth it to me. Mostly I just can't fight the crowds anymore--partly because of my disability--but mainly because of the stress. Crowds just get on my nerves!

Instead I stitched on Kaitlin's Christmas stocking--almost finished now-- journaled a bit and relaxed--nothing stressful at all. Now tomorrow is another day. I really must get back to my sorting and organizing and trying to get the house in order for the holidays. Anyone want to help?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Had a Date....

With the most wonderful and attractive man! My son, Jason, invited me to dinner with him for Thanksgiving. I haven't cooked for Thanksgiving in many, many, years as we usually waited for Christmas for the big home cooked meal. Normally I take my family out to a local restuarant. I had planned to do the same this year (even though it is just Jason and me now) but my son beat me to the invitation. And, I admit, it was wonderful to be the recipient for a change. We wanted to miss the crowds so we waited until about 2:30pm to go and it was wonderful. Turkey and dressing with all the fixings--and I didn't have to cook (or clean up!) afterwards!! Plus it gave Jason and me a chance to talk about important things and not so important things, and even tease each other a bit. It was fantastic. And now we are home and I am getting ready to sit down and stitch for a while--if I can stay awake!

I hope that each of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Counting My Blessings

When I'm worried and I can't sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep
Counting my Blessings.

When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep
Counting my Blessings.

I think about a nursery
Filled with curly little heads
And one by one I count them
As they slumber in their beds.

So when you're worried and you can't sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you'll fall asleep
Counting your Blessings.

I am Thankful for:

My Life--as Life is not guaranteed
My Son--who is my pride and my joy and without whom I would be alone
My Step Family--for they welcomed me and made me one of them
My Friends--both *real* and online for without them I could not survive
My Memories--for those who have gone on to the next life (I miss you all)
My Home--though humble (and messy) as it may be it is sound and comfortable
My Talents--for they were given to me with no strings attached
My Needlework--for it keeps me sane when Life gets crazy
My Health--for even though it is bad it could be much worse
My Faith--for it gets me though each day and without it I hate to think what Life would be

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Join me in Counting Your Blessings.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Day today...

Today was a great day--at least after I got my mail! I got a package from Vikki Clayton with 5 hanks (50 yards each) of floss (yummy!) and the sample tags for the OMG Reds and Dragon Blood so that I can finally make the decision about fibers for my French Alphabet Sampler. The colors are wonderful. And Vikki's silks are marvelous to the touch! Then I got my International Dyers Collaboration Pack and my Autumn Pack from Jo at DinkyDyes--absolutely gorgeous fabrics and fibers. I feel like Christmas came a little early. The links for both of these sites are in my sidebar. If you haven't tried either of these then you definitely need to check them out. I will be stitching tomorrow for sure. I want to take the OMG Reds for a test drive!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Slow Going...

Today has been a difficult day. I have been trying to work on the Persian Iris Garden model for Martina but I am having an awful time with the black Belfast! Using my magnifier for more than an hour or so at a time gives me a horrible headache so I feel as though I am not making much progress. I know I must keep going but I often ask myself why I said yes to stitching on this 32 ct black fabric. Believe me when I stitch mine it will NOT be on black! I have managed to go back and do all the beading in the center section and on the *carpets* Filling in those blank spaces did make it look a little more finished.

On the other hand I am making progress on Kaitlin's Christmas stocking. I am hoping to have it finished this weekend so that I can get it and Ian's stocking assembled. (Ian is the new baby of a dear friend and his stocking was finished a few months ago.) I really want to give these to the mothers soon so they can be hung in plenty of time for the holidays.

So I will keep plugging away and hopefully I will have something to share with you soon.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Mad Stitcher Strikes Again

Today I will be sharing Chapter 2. This chapter is quite personal but hopefully it will give you a little insight into the workings of this Mad Stitcher.

Chapter 2

It is difficult to understand the present or predict the future unless you know a little of the history behind the chain of events. It would be like watching the last five minutes of a movie and then trying to explain the plot! It just doesn’t work. Therefore, if one wants to understand the new Millennium, one must first look at the old one. And if one wants to understand The Mad Stitcher one must first get a peak at what transpired before. For each link in this chain has been either weakened or strengthened by the events that forged it.

At times The Mad Stitcher feels that she has made little contribution to the overall scheme of things. When she was practicing her nursing, she made a valuable contribution to her job, but nothing that someone else couldn’t do. In her opinion she simply did her job. It didn’t matter that she spent that extra minute comforting that frightened child or that she spent her lunchtime with the elderly gentleman who had just lost his wife in surgery. It didn’t matter that she took that extra shift of call because a co-worker needed time off to go to a wedding, or a funeral, or a meeting, or any of the other reasons she witnessed during the thirty years she worked in the Operating/Post Anesthesia Recovery Rooms. It didn’t matter that she had won several Symbol of Excellence awards for her dedicated service. Or that she was always the first to volunteer to work in her community.

When choosing a career, the Mad Stitcher felt she had had to compromise. She had dreamed of becoming a surgeon. But in those days, the early sixties, it wasn’t easy for a woman to get into medical school and it was very expensive. She didn’t think she would qualify for an academic scholarship and she knew her parents couldn’t afford it. So, instead, she compromised. She became a nurse.

When she was younger she had wanted to get away from the small town she called home. She wanted to travel and see more of the world and she felt that her family was holding her back. Again she compromised. She began to resent it. And even now she wonders if that contributed to her decision to marry so young.

The marriage was a mistake from the beginning, but MS had been raised in the belief that marriage was a lifetime commitment. So she stuck it out for five years-five very long years of hell. She worked two jobs to support herself and her baby while her husband did nothing but complain and sit on his…well, you get the idea. It wasn’t until she began to fear for her son that she made the decision to leave.

The Mad Stitcher had been a single parent for most of her son’s childhood. She was Mother, Father, Teacher, Confidant, and everything else her son needed her to be. She wore so many different hats that at times she forgot to be herself. She tried to give him everything he needed and at least a portion of what he wanted. Maybe she loved him too much. She tried to compensate for the absence of a father and tried not to negatively influence her son’s opinions of his father. Maybe she overcompensated.

During these difficult years, the Mad Stitcher had to rely upon her parents more than she would have liked. She never asked for any monetary or financial help, but when she decided to go back to school for her BS degree, she depended on her parents to help with childcare. She knew in the long run she would be better able to provide for her son’s needs but it meant a great deal of sacrifice from everyone. But at her graduation, there was no one present more proud than her son.

As the years went by there were financial difficulties. There were legal difficulties. There were professional problems. There were personal losses. The most devastating was the sudden and totally unexpected death of her wonderful father-followed only months later by the death of her closest friend.

At one of the very lowest points of her life, MS began to wonder just how much more she was expected to bear. She had tolerated so much in her life and didn’t know if she could take any more. She knelt to pray and turned her problems over to the Lord. She left them in his hands and went to work. She knew that He would take care of her. She just didn’t know how. Then one day she met the most remarkable man in the world. She knew immediately that he was the answer to that prayer. He was kind and interesting and loyal. He loved children and was very attentive. Their love was almost instantaneous. MS couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t looking for a man-any man-not as a companion, and especially not as a husband! But here he was and she knew it was meant to be. God certainly does work in mysterious ways!

She was a good wife and mother and tried to make life as comfortable and happy as was possible. She continued to work and enjoy her new contentment. And she thanked God everyday for answering her prayer in such a unique and wonderful way.

Her life became more secure and stable. She had never felt so safe. For the first time, she felt she could begin to repay the people who had been giving her so much through the years. She was able to spend more time with her Mom and help her get back to enjoying life. She spent more time volunteering in her church. And she and her darling husband began to travel and see more of the world.

Her regrets of her past began to fade and the Mad Stitcher realized that the present was all that mattered. She couldn’t change what was but she could make what is the best that it can be.

Life never stays the same. It will lift you up to the mountaintops and then drop you into a valley of despair within a heartbeat. The “ups” and “downs” and “curves” are what make it interesting. Of course, there are times when we wish there were more “ups” and fewer “downs” but we can’t have everything! The Mad Stitcher always tried to accept Life’s little surprises with calm and grace-but seldom succeeded. She did, however, learn the hard way to laugh to keep from crying!


by: Kathy Geddes Bonham

Once in a while I have stopped to reflect
On the various things I have been.
And I always believe that if I should blink
The future may never be seen.

I have been first a Daughter and then been a Mom
A Sister, a Lover, and Friend.
A Student, a Teacher, a Stitcher, and Writer
Oh! It’s too much to comprehend.

I have cuddled my child in the dark of the night
When monsters and gremlins abound.
I have kissed bloody elbows to make them feel better
And many lost items I’ve found.

I have cared for the sick and the injured and weak
And comforted those who were lost.
I have driven myself to the point of collapse
And seldom thought of the cost.

I have crossed picket lines when others refused
An attempt to eliminate strife.
I have been a promoter for goodness and love
And a fighter for justice in life.

I have set out to save the world from itself
Though hopeless and bleak from the start.
And dreamed of a better tomorrow for all
One Future, One Nation, One Heart.

Only Fate can decide if I’ve failed or succeeded
If my efforts were justly expressed.
I can only proclaim that whatever may come
I have always given my Best.

Let me always be grateful for all that I have
And feel Blessed in all that I do.
May I always remember that Life is a gift
And treasure it always as new.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Mad Stitcher Strikes Again

Why is it so difficult for me to keep up with this blog? I love to write and I journal almost every day but I admit that I prefer paper and pen over the computer. I sit in my chair--usually at night when all is quiet--and reflect on my day and what I have and have not done. I ask myself questions--many of which I cannot answer. I often wonder if I make a difference or if there is a reason that I am still here when everyone in my life seems to be leaving. I have been asked by friends to share more of my stories and journal entries so over the next few days I will go back and share with you some of my ramblings and I will try to update you all on what is going on in the life of this Mad Stitcher. So today I will share with you Chapter 1 of my manuscript--The Mad Stitcher Strikes Again.

Chapter 1

Dust in the Wind

A New Millennium… Millennium…Mil-len-ni-um…Don’t you just love that word? It is so alliterative and almost musical. It just flows off the tongue. But what is it? I can’t comprehend it. Yes, I know it is a thousand years. Yes, I know it is a hundred decades. Yes, I know it is twelve hundred months-fifty-two hundred weeks-365,250 days!! But how much is that? It seems unfathomable. Is there any way to make the numbers more manageable-a way to better illustrate the magnitude of what lies ahead? I don’t know.

A few days ago I was rolling up pennies to take to the bank. As I counted out fifty, then a hundred, I looked at them and lined them up 10 x 10 and realized that this represented only a tenth of one thousand. I kept counting. When I had a thousand lying before me I realized that if each penny represented a year, then that would be a millennium. But no, that didn’t help. I just can’t seem to wrap my tiny brain around it!

I can only concentrate on my small portion of that Millennium and hope that I can make the most of it. I don’t want to waste a single moment. Life is too precious.

“As sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…”

I remember watching the soap opera “Days of our Lives” as a child. I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time and I can still hear the voice of Macdonald Carey as he spoke the opening words. It was the first time I had heard this phrase and I really didn’t understand the underlying meaning. As the years went by and I grew up I became more aware of just how very true these words are. The days do pass by as quickly as does the sand in an hourglass. Each day by itself is just as insignificant as a single grain of sand. Sometimes it can be very irritating. Sometimes it can produce a pearl. But put a lot of them together and soon we have a beach! So does this mean that we can do without that single grain? Ten grains? A hundred grains? How many can we forfeit before it becomes significant?

When thinking of a millennium, I am most often amazed at the very enormity of it. And any word I use doesn’t seem quite “vast” enough. Grandiose…Wondrous…Awesome… Magnificent… I find myself more and more aware of my inadequacies. I can never seem to find the right words. But then again, does it matter?

Would a thousand years make a difference to the child suffering from hunger? Would it change things for the elderly man left alone and unloved? Or to the woman facing years of chemotherapy and treatment for cancer? Or to the young person just diagnosed with Aids? Would it change the face of a nation on the brink of war? So I ask again, does it matter?

We ask questions over and over-- searching for answers from philosophers, religious icons, political leaders, educators and many others sources. But the answers are elusive.

The thing I find most interesting is that we keep asking-- trying to figure things out--to see the future. Is it simply curiosity? Or is it an innate need to investigate--to learn? I don’t know this either. It seems I know less and less each day!

So much can happen in a millennium. And only a fraction of the events will be chronicled for posterity. Fifty-plus generations of human beings will be born and die during that time, and each life will contribute to the fabric of time. I ask myself… “What will be my contribution to this tapestry?” “Will I make a difference?”

After pondering these questions for a while, I realize there is no easy answer. If I were still young and healthy I think I would be able to help make this a better society-as corny as that may sound. I look around and see things that need to be done, things that need to be changed, and I believe I have the knowledge and the intestinal fortitude to do it. But now my prime is passed and my body has betrayed me. So I can’t dwell on what might be. I can’t go back and change decisions I made in the past. I can only hope to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. I cannot--no, must not--spend time with regrets. So instead I hope to be able to make a difference in at least one life-even in a small way. I will continue to write. Leaving a written record of what life throws my way. I will continue to stitch…Leaving a part of my imagination and talent for those who follow. This will be my “thread” in the great tapestry. But whether or not it will be background fabric or focal point in the grand scheme of things will remain a mystery.

What will the world be like a thousand years from now? Will there be life on Earth? Will there still be “countries” as we know them now? Democracies? Have we traveled to other worlds? Will it be an ideal “Star Trek” type world or a “Jetson’s” hi-tech type world? Will it be more like the “Terminator” in a post apocalyptic society? Or will it be like none of these. I can’t answer these questions. I will most probably be dust in the wind long before the mysteries of life are revealed. Only time will give us the answers. But then, I’m not sure I really want to know….

P.S. As I was posting this, my wonderful son was reading over my shoulder. He stopped me at one point and said “Mom, you have already made a difference in more than one life. You are that Pearl.” I have never before felt so touched and he insists that I go back and re-write to be sure I say that! So does this mean it’s back to the drawing board?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Treasures Workstation

This is one of my recent finishes I thought I would share with you. It is My Treasures Workstation designed by Judy Odell of Just A Thought Designs. I chose to work with Needle Necessities for this one and love how it turned out. It is stitched on 32 count Star Sapphire Linen and was professionally finished by Judy for me. I showed it off at the beach last week and everyone really liked it also.

I will try to begin catching you up on some of my finishes but you can also go to my website to see some of my finished pieces.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Seaside Stitchers Retreat

Last Weekend we attended our annual Seaside Stitchers Retreat in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is hosted by Meg Thompson Shinall of The Flower Thread Company. Each year we do a sampler based on the *moon names*. So far we have done Wolf Moon, Lenton Moon, Snow Moon, Pink Moon, Full Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Buck Moon, and this year is Sturgeon (or Fish) Moon. I originally missed the first three but have the kits and will catch up with them some day.

My *weekend* started on Tuesday evening when Kiki arrived at my house. We spent the evening stitching and catching up and doing last minute things. Wednesday morning arrived and we finished packing up the car and headed out. The trip was at a leisurely pace, a stop for lunch and we arrived at the hotel about 2 pm only to discover that my power chair wouldn't work. Thanks to the wonderful bellmen at the Hilton we got it into the Bellcaptains' office and went to check in. The room wasn't quite ready so we sat in the lobby and met up with Bunny and then with Carol and caught up with the new *retiree*. Upon reaching our suite we were met with the most beautiful view! The ocean and the beach were gorgeous! Bunny and Kiki decided to make a quick trip to Wal-mart (when have we ever gone anywhere and not hit the Wal-mart? It's a tradition, right?) and I rested a bit. I got in touch with The Scooter Store and arranged for someone to repair my chair. I was stitching peacefully when suddenly an *alarm* started going off. I began looking around trying to figure out what it was. I decided it must be the alarm on the clock that someone had set for p.m. instead of a.m. so I got up to turn it off--only it didn't turn off. I kept looking for the cause of the annoying sound and finally determined that it was coming from outside. Just as I went to close the door it stopped. I sat back down to my stitching again and, of course it started back up again! We later discovered that it was the safety alarm on the electric scaffolding from the construction site! That evening Kiki, Bunny and I ate in the hotel resturant and had a great time with George, our waiter.
On Thursday morning Kiki and I decided to just hang out and stitch and rest and wait for Angel to arrive. Although we were getting a bit worried since we had not heard anything at all from her. Little did we know that she had stayed up late the night before making Zucchini bread for all of us!--and she had forgotten her phone charger, so her cell phone had died! But she arrived safely. We were joined for a visit by Nancy Hall and Carol and got a chance to find out about Nancy's move and new *job*. We touched base with Nan and Carla and then we went down to Meg's room for some wine and cheese and the preview of the Fish Moon projects. They are wonderful and we couldn't wait to begin! I then met the repairman and he reaired my chair for me. For those that wondered about the problem, he replaced the battery and the battery charger. Then we decided to go out for my *annual fish dinner*! It was wonderful (Kiki and Angel--remember I did apologize!) Then back to the suite for some stitching and *itching and a birthday party for Angel and me. It was great. I got some wonderful things as did Angel. I got a portable CD player for my car (This has been on my wish list for a very long time!), some pastic organizers for both beads and stash, a yard of Belfast linen (now I can finally start my French Alphabet Sampler), some of my favorite Crystal Light, a wonderful flavored Tea, the latest Monica Ferris novel--Sins and Needles--, a new Tacky Bob, and Angel and I shared a beautiful and delicious birthday cake. It really was a wonderful treat. I had already received a wonderful rolling organizer from Tracy which holds everything I need when I travel and was using for this weekend. I really like it when my birthday goes on for a week!!
Friday morning arrived bright and early to sunshine and warm temperatures and the ocean breeze and sounds . It was glorious (until the construction noise started back up). We stitched for a while and then Meg, Barb, Nancy, Alta, and a couple more people--sorry I can't remember everyone-- joined us in our suite for an impromptu --oh, what is the word?--(mini class helping us with problem areas from past classes). Then Angel, Kiki and I went to McAllisters for lunch. I had never experienced their baked potatos and all I can say is *ummmmmmmmmmmm*! Angel and Kiki dropped me back at the hotel and made a run to Michael's. Then we were joined by Bunny and stitched and rested until time for the *weekend* to begin. The class started out with *goodie bags* from Meg, Jennifer, and Bunny! Thank you all so very much! We began our Friday night project, chose our Secret Pals, and had show and tell. Susan R received a special gift for travelling the furthest (Oman)--a beautiful quilted tablerunner made by Beth. And Diane recieved another for coming the least distance (Myrtle Beach). And then Carol received the shock of her life! That's a story left better told by Beth or Carol! (But Beth, I will be happy to *babysit* your box anytime!) We had a wonderful time. Then we went back up to the suite where we stitched some more. Kiki and Bunny went to bed but Angel and I stayed up talking and stitching until about 1:45 am. I finished my Friday night project with my usual *personalizations*! Thanks, Meg ! The needlebook is perfect!
Saturday arrived early--too early for some of us-- to a wonderful warm sunny day and once more the class began with treats from Beth, Angel, and Tracy (who was not even there!) Thanks so much ladies! Secret Pal gifts began showing up throughout the day and these were all so fitting to the recipients. I don't know how it worked out that way but somehow each one seemed so perfect. We began the day with introductions and receiving our kits for the sampler. We began our practice pieces and in spite of the *slowness to catch on* for some of us--namely this mad stitcher--we managed to persevere and I finished my candlering/band and it is now residing on my mantle! I plan to make some more of these--maybe for Christmas presents! We broke for our group photo and a delightful deli style lunch. Then back to class to discover more treats from Meg.
During the afternoon break some of the ladies decided to go to Build a Bear Workshop but I chose to go rest a bit and I finished up my candlering. When I went back downstairs to the classroom at 7 pm I found someone was sitting in my place! There was Mr. Rip-it! A *Frog* surgeon, dressed in scrubs, xray in hand, and birth certificate in place. Perfect for me as most of you know I am a retired Operating Room nurse. He was a gift from Kiki and I do appreciate it so very much! He has kept me company for the last few days! Although I think I am going to exchange the xray for a seam ripper--it seems more appropriate! Nancy H and Carol had devised a game *Go Fishing* and we had a great time. Alta did the list for the Tote search this year and she did a fantastic job--making it very fair for all of us. Thanks, Nancy, Carol, and Alta!
Many of us just didn't want the evening to end because we knew that the next day would bring our Seaside Retreat to an end.
Sunday morning arrived--again with beautiful skies and warm temperatures-- and I am glad to note that the construction crew honored the Sabbeth! Some of us began our day with devotion and then our last class time together this year. We got those last minute instuctions from Meg, revealed our Secret Pal identities (thanks, Alta, I love my gift!), settled up with the shop and unfortunately had to say our goodbyes. Thank you Meg for another wonderful retreat!
Packing up and loading the cars took a little while but soon we were on our way home. Angel, Kiki, and I had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse (another first for me) before heading home. Once again on the road our trip was uneventful and leisurely and we arrived here in Chesnee at about 6:15 pm. Jason helped unload the car and was introduced to Mr. Rip-it! Kiki spent the night here with me so we sat and relaxed and stitched a bit and reflected on the wonderful weekend. We went to bed very,VERY early (for me at least)--10 pm--and got up Monday morning feeling more rested. Kiki left for Monroe (and work) and then I-----did absolutely nothing!!!! As I told Kiki, I think I enjoyed this Seaside better than any that I have attended. The first couple I was alone and only knew Nancy H and Angel. Last year I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. But this year I am remembering more and more of your faces and names and am making new friends. I was more rested and had better accommodations for my needs. And I felt totally more comfortable this year. I am already looking forward to next year.
I want to acknowledge the wonderful new friends I have made this year and welcome to our Seaside retreat. Jennifer--it was great finally putting a face to a name. Harriet it was wonderful meeting you and getting to know you better. Anne, it was great talking with you and working on our *hitching* together! Kerry it was great finally meeting you and realizing that you are the same Kerry from the Chatelaine BB. Diane it was great renewing our friendship and realizing that you, also, are on the Chatelaine BB. And Kathy, sorry we didn't get a chance to get to know each other, but welcome to our group and I hope to see you again next year and get to know you better. I hope I didn't miss anyone.
Once again I want to thank Kiki and Angel and Bunny for making this weekend possible and pleasureable for me. Thanks, to Carol, Nancy, Nan, Alta, and Susan for your kindness this week. And thanks to all of you who were concerned about me and offered your help. If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me. I appreciate everything that each of you have done for me and just for being my friends.

Signing off for now. Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well Here we are again....

I have once more managed to let months go by without an entry. I just cannot make the time to journal on the computer! I have been very busy with my models and commission pieces and barely have time to check my emails and BB's these days. But I am going to try to do better. I will be leaving in a couple of days for a stitching retreat so I will tell you all about it when I return. Till then...Happy Stitching!