Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Day today...

Today was a great day--at least after I got my mail! I got a package from Vikki Clayton with 5 hanks (50 yards each) of floss (yummy!) and the sample tags for the OMG Reds and Dragon Blood so that I can finally make the decision about fibers for my French Alphabet Sampler. The colors are wonderful. And Vikki's silks are marvelous to the touch! Then I got my International Dyers Collaboration Pack and my Autumn Pack from Jo at DinkyDyes--absolutely gorgeous fabrics and fibers. I feel like Christmas came a little early. The links for both of these sites are in my sidebar. If you haven't tried either of these then you definitely need to check them out. I will be stitching tomorrow for sure. I want to take the OMG Reds for a test drive!

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