Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today I have been playing with my silks trying to decide on my fibers for the French Alphabet Sampler which I plan to start on January 1. I just got my *Mystery Spools* from Vikki Clayton and the reds are *almost* perfect , but they range from a medium to light to lighter red. What I am hoping for is a dark to medium to light variation. I know I can just get the solids and change threads but a nice varigated will be so much simpler. So I am going to beg and plead and try to bribe Vikki into adding a darker version of these OMG reds varigated to the line. Wish me luck.

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cathymk said...

Kathy, I am a fan of Vikki's silks too! Those reds are gorgeous! I hope Vikki comes to the party and dyes you a lovely verigated red (I know I'd order it)

Which stocking are you stitching for Kaitlin?