Sunday, September 27, 2009

Off with the old...

Things have been moving right along--and leaving me behind! Summer is gone and Autumn is on its heels. I did have a good summer. I didn't go anywhere but we managed to get the pool open and warm. We swam a lot and my dear friends Kiki, Angel, and Angela visited me several times for the girls' stitching weekends. I got to work on several of my wips and got to finish several models. I forgot to take photos of all the models I did for Tracy at Ink Circles but you can see them on her site--Growth Rings which made the cover on Just Cross Stitch, The Bramble and the Rose which was published in The Gift of Stitching, and Quaker Floral Puzzle which is going to be released next week at the Online Needlework Show. There are a couple more done but you will have to wait until they are released to see them. But they are great. Here is The Bramble and the Rose:

I have also finished up a couple of models for Vilma and they will be released over the next little while. I will post them here as soon as I am allowed.

I have been able to start one new non-model project. It is Needlemania's Jardin d'Jour. I am stitching it on 32 ct linen from Vikki Clayton using her silks in Caribbean Reef and Indigo Ocean with a touch of Exampler Crushed Berries for accent.
This one is going to be a gift for a special friend. I just hope I can get it finished in time.

So now I am settling in for lots of stitching and counting down until my annual Seaside Stitchers Retreat in November.

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