Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Christmas Miracle

Last year my best friend was diagnosed with Cancer. After much thought, prayer, and discussion she decided not to go through with Chemo as the doctor told her that although it might lengthen the time she has left it would lessen the quality of her remaining time. I think this was more devastating to me than it was for her but we have to accept things as they come. A few months later she decided to move back to Spokane, Washington to be with her daughter at the end. I was heartbroken but I understood why she wanted to be there. Thorough a comedy of errors on both ends we lost touch after a few weeks--telephone #'s changing, visiting with her sister who was then hospitalized and moved, daughter remarried and I didn't know her new name, etc. I was frantic to try and find her and she had been trying to reach me--my telephone # had also changed and I couldn't let her know.

On Dec 23rd I had a nightmare about her and I just knew something had happened. I was determined to find her somehow. I decided that the next morning I would call her estranged husband and see if he would give me her telephone number. (I had my doubts that he would co-operate, but I was determined to try!) So on Christmas Eve morning I called but didn't get an answer. Later that afternoon I tried again. I was NOT going to let Christmas come and go without talking to her!! I dialed the number and SHE answered the phone!!! It seems that she and Harold had missed each other more than they realized and had reconciled! And she had come home!

I was estatatic! As was she. And we talked for an hour and it truly was the best Christmas present I could have wished for! And to make things even better...her health was better. Her Cancer had slowed down (although not in remission) and she was feeling good.

My Best Friend is Home Again! Miracles do happen.

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Holley said...

That is really wonderful!