Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is Here!

Before we get all wrapped up in Holiday Cheer, Family gatherings and other activities I wanted to take a moment to wish you each a very Merry Christmas!

This year has been especially difficult for me and Christmas was going to be non-existent for me this year--no anything. Until yesterday. The Christmas holidays are always so busy and difficult for all the families to juggle visits with in-laws, out-laws, and whomever so the Bonham family has always gotten together a few days before Christmas for our annual gathering. And this year was no different. Yesterday was that day for us. My step-daughter, Wilma, both grand children and their families came to my house. We don't get to see each other often so that makes it even more special. I have three wonderful great-grandchildren--Thomas, Jeb and Kaitlin. I was so sad and disappointed that I didn't have any gifts for them except for their annual goody bag of fresh fruits, crackers and a few pieces of Christmas candy. But funds just did not exist this year. One thing I did have was my *princess* crown jewels from the Seaside retreat this year so I knew one little girl would love to play dress-up. So I gave her these and she was thrilled with them.

And with her Lady-in-Waiting (her Mom, Kathy)

At one point Kaitlin performed for me the song that she had sung in her play at pre-school--Happy Birthday, Jesus! And it was wonderful! And I was reminded by a very special little 3 year old girl just what was important. From the mouth of babes...I was reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and the true meaning of family. Just spending a few hours with my family was all the Christmas I need. I am truly blessed.

So for now may I just wish each of you a wonderful and safe Christmas with those you love and
May the Joy, Peace, Love, and Happiness of this season sustain you throughout the coming year.


Katri said...

A very Merry Christmas to you!

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