Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catching up!

It seems lately that each time I come to post I get side-tracked. I have been so busy getting the website up and running and keeping the selling blog updated that I have totally neglected this one. But hopefully that will change now. The new website is up. Please check it out at The selling blog also is still open for special orders, consignment stitching orders and a few other things that we have planned. So don't forget to check there occasionally also-- The MadStitcher & Company And finally we have our Message Board open and would love to have you all join us there for lots of talking, sharing, learning, enabling, and maybe even some laughter! Forum

Now on to the personal side of things.

I had so much to share with you right after Christmas but now everything seems like old news. I have been getting a little stitching done. I did the Winter Mandala and the Spring Mandala for Ink Circles which have now been published in Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I have also finished two models for Examplars From the Heart.

Shy Philomena:

and Walk Beside Me:

Now I am stitching another model but I am also in design mode and have two designs in progress right now. I am hoping to be able to share them with you soon.

Please check back often as I am hoping things will begin to even out a bit. Till next time...Happy Stitching!

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Anonymous said...

I am desperately trying to find a graph (chart) of Shy Philomena by Examplars from the Heart. I see on your blog that you have stitched it. Would you by any chance be willing to sell this chart?