Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Stitching Cabinet

A few weeks ago when we had our get together, Vilma wanted to see some of my finished pieces and liked my curio cabinet where I display all of my smalls and boxes. I managed to get a picture of it where
the flash didn't distort it too much. So I thought I would show it to you so you could see just how much I have done so far. I love smalls and boxes and love stitching them. When you click on the photos you can get a better look at it. On the top shelf you will see my Grape threadkeeper, my Friends Across the Sea Necessaire, and my Japanese Octagonal Box with toys. On the second shelf you will see my Mystic Meadow Box and Toys, My Treasures Workstation, The Ultimate Needlebook, Two necessaires done in different color palettes, bookmarks, mail art, and needlebooks. On the third shelf is my Mermaid Treasure Box and Toys, and a candle ring. Vilma was particularly fond of the Mermaid Box with the pin keep, scissors pouch and fob. There are so many beads and sparklies on it and it is finished inside with Dupioni Silk. I just love it, too!

I have a couple of other things that need to go into the cabinet --My Sampler Garden Casket, my Flowers For a Friend Stitching Bag, and my beautiful bourse that Lauren made for me. As soon as I finish My Ladies Cabinet I will be adding it to the collection as well.


Katri said...

Goodness, what a gorgeous cabinet!

Everything in it is gorgeous, but the bottom shelf with the Mermaid Box is just awesome!

Linda said...

It is breathtaking.