Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Stash!

Today has been a lovely day--especially nice since the weekend was rainy and dreary!--and it was topped off with a wonderful package arriving in the mail. I received my latest package from Vikki Clayton which includes the new Jan Houtman chart "Patchwork", several new silk fibers, and loads of what Vikki terms "detritus". This is the fiber "bits" and "pieces" that is left over from the dying process--pieces that are too short to skein, pieces that are experiments in colors or dying, etc. I received some of the most gorgeous colors and even a couple of full hanks of silks. I have had a ball just sorting through them and playing with it. Vikki may call it "detritus" but I call it "fabulous"! I cannot wait to actually start using some of it. I think it will be perfect for stitching "Patchwork"! But I really cannot start it right away--as much as I would like to. I really have to finish up some of the projects that I have going. I have several wips that I put on hold in order to stitch models and I really need to finish some of them up!

This past weekend I did get back to FAS for some good solid stitching and that was a joy. This piece is really going to be huge! Knowing the dimensions of a design and actually *seeing* it are two different things! I will take to get a photo update for you soon. Till later...

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Belinda said...

Ooooh, pretty silky detritus! Enjoy!