Friday, March 02, 2007

Drat it!

My server has been erratic for the last three days and I have had trouble getting online--then when I do get here I get bumped off before I can save anything. Not that I've had that much to say but I do love to talk!

I have been able to get a bit accomplished on my FAS so I will share another photo very soon. I have also just been sent another model so I will be doing that during the week. I think I have mentioned here that usually when I have models to do I work on them during the week and then do personal things on weekends. This has been the best way that I have found to balance out my stitching without feeling guilty.

This weekend my *Stitching Sisters* are coming for our monthly get-together. I am looking forward to that very much. It seems to have been forever since they were here. This also means that I probably won't get here tomorrow but I'll try to give you a report on Sunday evening.

Can you believe it is March already? It seems to me that we just celebrated the New Year! Where does the time go? Speaking of time...I really must run for now. Till later....

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