Monday, February 12, 2007

Catching my Breath

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted here! But for the last two weeks I have been fighting the clock trying to get a model ready for the Nashville Market. I finally got it into the mail on Thursday--expressed directly to the Hotel! So now I can finally breathe again.

But a lot has happened over these last two weeks so I will try to catch you up on my wild ride!

First of all, I have been introduced to a new designer (for me) to do some model stitching. She is Vilma from Examplars From The Heart and if you would like to see some of her designs you can view them here (just click on conversions/assortments and scroll down) or here. She is best known probably for And They Sinned but she has done many wonderful designs and I feel blessed to be asked to stitch these models for her.

I have also been introduced to 40 ct linen. I had never tried it before--was always afraid I couldn't see it or that I wouldn't enjoy it. But let me tell you, once you adjust a bit it is wonderful! I can see myself fast becoming addicted to it. I sure hope these old eyes will hold up.

I also have a couple of new Chatelaine Designs to do as well as getting back to my FAS so I will be busy for a while--but then I love to be busy.

This past weekend was supposed to be our get-together weekend with my Stitching Sisters but a couple were sick and couldn't make it. But Kiki came and we had a wonderful time stitching and talking together for 2 and a half days (almost non-stop!)

She arrived Friday afternoon about 12:30 pm and we immediately began the job of *catching up*. She brought me several surprises (we are always picking up small gifts for each other). She brought me A new yardstick (I had broken mine), a quilters ruler and a rotary cutter (getting me ready for my Crazy Quilt), a serge protector with a long cord (which I haven't been able to find, and a channel lock wrench, vice grip pliers and screwdrivers (small size) for my stitching bag. Now you may think that some of these things are a bit strange for a stitching bag but they really aren't. I am always needing to tighten nuts or screws on my light/magnifier, chart holder or some such --or to tighten screws in my eyeglasses--or a variety of such things! So I am as pleased as punch! She also brought me fresh apples and STRAWBERRIES!!! which were quite good considering they were a greenhouse variety. Can't wait for April when our strawberries come into season! I had made a big pot of vegetable soup so for supper we had veggie soup and cornbread and for dessert we had vanilla ice cream with strawberries. Simply wonderful.

On Friday night we both went to bed early as we were very tired for some reason but we were up early Saturday and started in stitching again. We really got a lot accomplished and never ran out of things to talk about. Kiki worked on Chatelaine's Pompeii Garden and I worked on my newest model. We barely stopped long enough to eat. We finally looked up and realized that it was 2:30 am! So decided we better call it a night!

Sunday moning started bright and early with a leaisurely breakfast and then we settled in once more to begin stitching for the day. I really hated for it to come to an end but Kiki had to leave about 5:00 pm so that she could attend her hand bells rehearsal at her church. After we said our goodbyes I checked out my emails and then back to stitching. It is so nice to have stitching buddies with whom you can share your love of needlework!

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Belinda said...

Sounds like a busy and fun-filled weekend!