Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovely morning

I spent a lovely morning yesterday talking with Vilma (Examplars from the Heart) discussing upcoming designs, 40 ct linen, Vikki Clayton silks, and many other things. I find it so interesting that she lives only about 40 miles from me and I am just now discovering her. She is a lovely person and hope to be meeting her in person soon.

I also spent some time playing with my Silk Tags--trying to do a conversion for a new project that I want to start sometime in the near future. It was so much fun just fonding the textures and visulaizing the colors of all the VC silks. If you have never tried them, do yourself a big favor and do so-- Vikki Clayton Silks. They are exquisite both in quality of silk and all the gorgeous colors. I can just loose myself in them. And if you want a really big treat, try the premium floss. It is bigger diameter than the regular floss (about the size of two strands) so you can use only one strand on 28-34 ct fabrics. My favorite color, of course, is Dragon Blood ( a rich varigated red) but Dragon Opal (a beautiful dark, rich green and black varigated) is a close second--with many others following very closely behind. I managed to get most of the conversion done but will have to ask Vikki about 4 of them.

I am looking forward to some new designs which have just been released at Market and am planning the fabrics and fibers to stitch them. Now all I have to do is find out where I can order some more TIME !!!

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