Friday, January 26, 2007

What's going on?

After trying for two days to get into my blog I finally made it. I'm not sure what has been going on with Blogspot but hopefully it is fixed now.

Thanks to everyone who has made comments to my posts. I do read and enjoy them but I haven't discovered how to acknowledge them directly. I am glad that some of you take the time to read and enjoy my blog.

I have been stitching on my FAS for the last few days while waiting for my latest model materials to arrive. I know, I know. I said no more models this year...but what I mean it that I will be cutting back on them. I am finishing up some deadline pieces now and will then have one or two major models to complete over the next few months with no fixed deadlines--so I can do some personal stitching also, which is what I am aiming for.

Life has been getting in the way lately. My aches and pains are seemingly more aggravating at the moment and I think it is mostly weather related. It has been very dull and dreary and rainy for the last week or so and the temps have gotten much colder. All I want to do is sit in front of a fire and relax. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my fireplace started this year --pilot light won't ignite--so I will have to make do with my blankie and stitching to keep me warm.

I have also tried to do some more sorting and clearing out of my closets and drawers, etc. But it has been difficult to get in the mood to do this. I know it must be done but *I don't wanna do it!* Oh,well, as Scarlett would say....I'll do it tomotrrow.


Linda said...

I have been looking at your beautiful stitching! For myself I am new to stitching, can you tell me do you use a hoop for stretching your fabric while you stitch? Thank you for your help.

The Mad Stitcher said...

Hi, Linda, and thanks for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying
my blog. No I do not use hoops when I stitch. I always stitch in
hand. I tried to change once and use Q-snaps but two of the designers that
I stitch for said that my work was great so why try to *fix* what is
not broken. So I continue to stitch in hand. I think the key to
beautiful stitching is to maintain the same tension throughout. So if you
need a device to do this then by all means use the one that works best for
you. But if you can maintain your tension and stitch comfortably in
hand then I say go for it. Needlework is as much --if not more--about
the journey as it is about the completed design. Enjoy your journey!

Linda said...

Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my very elementary question. I shall give it a try without the hoop, and concentrate on my tension. Thank you again, I will also continue reading your are my hero...I feel like a needlework groupie :) YOUR WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL! How long have you been stitching, if that's not too personal?

The Mad Stitcher said...

Linda, I have been stitching since I was a child but it wasn't until around 1989 that I began stitching on something other than Aida using fibers other than DMC and adding beads and embellishments to my work. But when I started I jumped in with both feet. My first *advanced* piece was a Santa Sampler that required metallics, beads, specialty stitches--the works. But a wonderful lady at my then LNS helped me tremendously and I will forever be grateful for her help and kindness. So anytime I can help another stitcher in any way I try to *pass it on*. I love my needlework and it has been a joy to me for many years.