Saturday, November 03, 2012

Birthday surprises...and book review

Yesterday was truly a wonderful day.  After Jason and I returned from dinner I found a birthday cake and a lovely gift at my back door.  The cake was from my Chaplain and the gift was from my local  brownie troop.  I really made me feel special.  The rest of the evening was spent stitching and reading.  Which reminds me I need to do another book review.

Recently I finished the Naked Room by Diana Hockley.

When classical pianist Ally Carpenter goes missing during a night out with friends, the implications stretch far beyond her disappearance. Veteran detective, Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott, believes that sexual predators may have abducted Ally. However, after two women with connections to the Carpenters are murdered, she realises there may be more to the crime than at first thought.
While Prescott puts all her efforts into solving the crime, those close to Ally battle their own turmoil. Friendships become strained and secrets come to light as Ally's terrified mother, Eloise, is forced to confront the lie she has perpetuated for 26 years. Cellist, Briece Mochrie―determined to discover what has happened to the girl he loves―is swept into a dangerous undertow of murder and revenge. The kidnappers have their own agenda; Ally's life is on the line.

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book.  The characters were well developed and the plot well written.  I especially liked how the author portrayed each scene from several view points--from the victim's, the killer's, the investigator's and the friend's and family's. 
 If you like mysteries, I highly recommend this book. 

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