Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Finishes

Well, it certainly has been a busy summer for me.  Sorry I haven't written in a while but we have been trying to get the house in order.  And I have been trying to get my designs ready for release.  Check out Lady K for a sneak peek at the latest designs which will be released later this week!  I have also been trying to finish up a couple of consignment pieces.

I managed to get Heloise de Cornu finished for Carol.  Here is a photo of this one.  It really turned out beautifully. She should be receiving it today so I hope she likes it.

I also managed to finish Quaker Heart from Suthern Stitchin' as a thank you gift for a lady who has really given me much support during these last few very difficult months.  I plan to give it to her for Christmas.  

Lots of things have been going on so I will try to get you all updated over the next few weeks.  

Until next time....

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