Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughts of Chipper and my Braves...

Today was the final home game for Chipper Jones before his retirement and it was an emotional one.  You all know that I am a huge baseball fan and the Braves are MY TEAM!!  Chipper has been a part of that team for the last twenty years and this is his last season to play.  It has been a great year for him and the entire team and we are headed for the playoffs!! Go Braves!!    He has been a part of this team for so long and it is the only team he has ever played for.  The opposing teams, the Braves team, the management and the fans have really treated him well and given him the praise and ovations he fully deserves. 

But Chipper will be missed next year.  I for one am sorry to see this season winding down.  I have hopes that in a year or two we will see him once more in a Braves uniform as a coach.  I fully understand his reasons for retiring and his need for time with his family.  But that doesn't mean I like it!  Sorry, Chipper,  I do wish you the very best

Now go get them in Pittsburgh and get ready for the post season.  This year feels like a World Series year to me!

We Love you, Larry Wayne Jones! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I never thought I would find someone just like me in the Braves zone! I cried right along with Lynne. I am depressed right now knowing that the season is about over. I am married to a Georgian and have been a Braves fan since 1990. I love them. I see great talent on the horizon, but Chipper will defiantely be missed!! Thanks for posting about this. Robin