Thursday, December 15, 2011

Traditions Continued

Where were we? Oh yes...

The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with school projects and practicing for the church’s Christmas pageant. All three of us kids would be in it and 98% of the time my Mama would be directing it. Practice was held every Wednesday evening and then usually after church on the Sunday before the presentation. This was something to which we always looked forward. It was held on the evening of Christmas Eve. We would all pile in the car and make the 30 minute drive to the small country church to which we belonged. All the children of the church would participate and most of us would know our parts! But it was always enjoyed by the congregation! This was followed by singing of carols and presentation of the gift bags from the church. On the way home we would sing carols or have a contest counting Christmas trees to see who could spot the most trees before we got home. When we got about a block from home Daddy would remember that we were supposed to go by my aunt and uncles house to get our Christmas gifts from them. (It never registered with us until we were much older that this was repeated every year!) Mama would have things to prepare for the next day so Daddy would drop her off at home and the rest of us would proceed to Aunt Maude’s house. (Of course, Mama was actually putting out Santa!) We would spend about an hour there opening our presents and then having a mug of hot chocolate before heading home. When we got back home Mama would meet us at the door exclaiming that while we were at church Santa had come to visit. The living room floor would be spread with toys and games of every description since there was no room under the tree and somehow we always knew which gifts were intended for each of us. We would be allowed to play for about an hour and then we were allowed (against much protestation from Mama) to open just one of our gifts from Mama and Daddy. This always turned out to be new pajamas which we wore that night.

Until next time....

BTW, Happy Birthday, Tracy!

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