Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Traditions

On Christmas morning we would be up bright and early wanting to open the rest of our presents. Since Santa brought us all our toys and games, Mama and Daddy always got us new clothes. After breakfast we would put on new outfits while Mama packed up everything we would be taking to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. We always spent Christmas at Grandma’s house. My paternal grandparents passed away when I was very small and I only remember one Christmas spent with Granny. I keep meaning to ask my older brother David what he remembers but I haven’t had the opportunity.

When all the food and gifts were packed in the car we headed out. My grandparents had 8 children and (ultimately) 43 grandchildren and most of them always arrived at Grandma’s house for Christmas—about half of them for lunch. So you can imagine the madness and mayhem which surrounded this. The kids ate in the large old fashioned kitchen and the adults ate in the dining room. I still don’t see how we all managed to fit but we did. My grandparents were farmers and most of their food was grown or raised by them. All the adult females would bring baskets of food to contribute to the feast so there was plenty for all of us to eat. We never had turkey back then. Christmas lunch would be comprised of baked ham, fried chicken, stewed chicken and dumplings, pork chops, potato salad (and mashed potatoes since I could not eat potato salad--Mama always looked out for me!), macaroni and cheese casserole, and as many vegetables as my aunts and Mama could manage, and of course homemade biscuits made by Grandma. These biscuits were about the size of saucers and about 2 inches high and absolutely the most wonderful biscuits ever made! I sometimes dream about them and wish Grandma was still here to make them for me. Of course, this isn't the only reason I wish she were still here.

There were also sweet potato, pecan, and lemon meringue pies as well as chocolate, coconut, pineapple and fruit cakes. And there were usually cookies of some sort. No one went hungry at Grandma’s house!

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