Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stitching, Books and Baseball.....What every girl needs.....

So much is going on and so little time! Does anyone know where I can beg, borrow, or buy some extra time? !!!

I am not sure if I shared with you that a couple of months ago I went through a severe case of Shingles. Mine affected the left side of my face and head. For those that don't know what Shingles are--this is a viral infection that affects the nerves and it is very, very painful! As well as the pain you also get blister-like splotches which first hurt, then itch as they heal. But the worst part about mine was the location. If it had gotten into my eyes, it could have blinded me. I am so grateful that it did not affect my eyes and that the anti-virals finally healed me. During that time I could not stitch at all and could only sleep for the most part. I am bringing this up now because I have just gotten over another episode. This time I recognized it immediately and got the anti-viral meds right away so the case was much lighter and less debilitating. I am pleased to say that I am better now and back to my stitching! Now if I can just get caught up with everything!!! I am so far behind.

I did get a chance to actually read a book! I haven't had the time to do any reading lately and I missed it! Therefore, since I couldn't stitch, I pulled out one of my long neglected books and read it it over the weekend.

I have also been watching my Atlanta Braves on TV! Have I mentioned how much I love baseball? I cannot wait for opening day each year and dread for the final game of the world series to end! Are there any other baseball fans out there? I wish I lived close enough to go to the games but I will just make do with my TV. This year we have a fighting chance to get back into the playoffs.

Till next time...Go Braves!

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Anonymous said...

I had shingles a number of years ago on my side. Thankfully I got the medication right away and didn't suffer any pain. I know it is very painful. My youngest son was afflected with this around his mid section when he was around 2. That was very unusual. Take care of yourself. Maria S.
p.s. Found your blog thru Exampler Dame's blog