Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barely Escaped!

Wow, it has been super busy around here. After my birthday get-together my friend Bunny visited with me for a couple of weeks longer and we got lots of stitching and catching up done. I miss her now that she has moved to Virginia. But we had lots of fun and she kept me out of trouble for the most part! However, her car tried to kill me! On the Monday of my birthday (Nov 2nd) we went out running a few errands. She wanted to take her car so we did. Like a good girl I had my seatbelt fastened and everything was okay until we stopped at Michaels. She ran in but I decided to wait in the car as I didn't think I could do that much walking. So while I was waiting every time I moved or even breathed my seatbelt kept getting tighter and tighter. I tried to unfasten it but couldn't find the release button. I thought maybe it was an automatic release if I opened the car door but that just set off the security alarm. So there I sat in a screaming car unable to breathe. I kept trying to loosen it and even tried to get to my purse to get my scissors--yes I carry scissors in my purse--but I couldn't reach it. I would have screamed by this point but I didn't have the breath. I think I must have been turning blue. Just then Bunny showed up and grabbed the release button. Needless to say, I did not re-fasten that seatbelt! I know that it sounds really funny now and I can even laugh about it but at the time is was very frightening! So for now--Kathy 1, Car 0! More adventures to follow so be sure to come back.

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