Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have decided that I need to move my *selling* to another blog and keep this one for my Ramblings. So please visit me at The Mad Stitcher & Company (http://themadstitchercompany.blogspot.com/) to see all of Vilma's latest and my few. Be assured that I plan to get better photos of my designs and I will continue to add Vilma's until I get them all over there. I am also trying to set up some other neat features as I learn how because in spite of what Vilma says I am NOT a computer whiz--just trying to learn something new. If you have any ideas or critiques to help make the site better, please let me know.

But in the meantime feel free to email me about anything you might want. Please keep visiting me here for all of my wips reports and ramblings. Thanks for all your support.

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