Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cirque des Cercles

Today I wanted to share the WIP photo of the companion piece for CDCx. This one is Cirque des Cercles and is also stitched on 32 ct white Opalescent Lugana using Vikki Clayton silks Tugtika and OMG Red 1137. I chose my favorite colors --the aqua in CDCx and the Red in CDC--and choose similar values and hues so that they would look well together. Now I just have to get this one finished. Then I will be choosing colors for the Cirque des Triangles!

It has been raining and hailing again today. I do dislike rainy days in the winter/spring when it is cold outside. It makes the world seem so dreary. Now summer rain--that's a totally different story!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have an update on my bathroom progress! Till then...

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