Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chaos Still Reigns

Sorry I have been away so long but chaos still reigns at my house. The kitchen is coming along and is looking absolutely wonderful but is a slow process since my son has to work around his *real* job. But I can begin to see the light of day. I will be so glad to be able to get to my dishes, pots, food once again! I really hate having to try to move around and avoid running into things or try to prepare something--even a sandwich--with no work surface to use! When we finish the kitchen he is going to continue painting the other rooms but I don't think it will be as disruptive as the kitchen has been. I will keep you updated.

I am however, getting to stitch a bit. I just this week finished up a model which I hope to be able to share with you in a day or two and am spending a little time with my FAS before starting the next one. I am making some progress and wish I could stitch on it till it is finished but I really must keep the models under control. I don't want to disappoint my designers. So little time...So much to do!

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