Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeling Better

Well I slept all day yesterday and I am feeling a bit better today. Hopefully the worse is over. The second model for Vilma is almost finished. Hopefully by tomorrow it it will be done. I have enjoyed stitching these designs and can't wait for them to be revealed so that I can share them with all of you. If you like Quakers you will love these. These are a bit different from my normal type of stitching but it has been fun doing some plain cross stitch for a change. And of course, working with Vikki's silks is always a treat.

When this is done I must get back to my Persian Iris Garden. I have been putting in about an hour a day on it (the black fabric is *killing* me!) but I really must try to do better. I have never taken this long to get a model done before and although there is no deadline, I still feel a bit guilty about it. At least I know now to never agree to stitching on black fabric again so that is a valuable lesson. I also have another of Martina's models to do shortly--as soon as I get all the materials--and Vilma has asked me to do some more for her. So now I will be able to alternate between the complex and the more simple designs so maybe they will all go faster.

I must go to bed now and try to get a good night sleep. So till tomorrow.....sweet dreams.

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Linda said... again, if you will bill on paypal for the 3.oo I will pay. Sorry, but I couldn't figue out how to pay more (for shipping). I could only seem to pay the amount you had entered. Thank you.