Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Goodies

I just received my order of silks from Vikki Clayton and I admit that I am drooling over the colors and texture of all these silks. I got 16 glorious 50 yard spools to use on the Christmas presents I got--Rosemarkie, St Sylvestry, St Georges, St Germaine, and the four M design trees. Now I just have to decide which color for which chart. I am so looking forward to doing these. I think I have chosen Dragon Opal for Rosemarkie as I really like the richness of these colors. And I have a lovely purple-icious that I will use for one of them and a gorgeous Dragon's Hoarde that is earmarked for one of the trees. It is so much fun just playing with the colors and trying to decide which I like best--as if I could choose just one! And then trying to decide which I will start first. Well, that's another hard to make decision. I guess it will come down to which I pick up first! Now I must get back to my fond....ummmm...stitching.


Melissa said...

Oooh, I think Rosemarkie will look wonderful using Dragon's Opal! I'm stitching it right now in Dragon's Blood and love the way it's turning out. :)

The Mad Stitcher said...

Oh, Melissa I would love to see your Rosemarkie! I would have chosen Dragon's Blood but I wanted it to be different from my FAS.