Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Only Three Weeks to Go!

I am still waiting for my model to be framed and I am very antsy!  I cannot wait to see how Peggy framed it for me.  I am letting her choose the frame for me this time as I had to send the piece through the mail.  I trust her completely and know she will do a great job.  The consigned piece is almost finished and I do hope the owner likes it.  I will get a photo of it when I get it completed.  Shouldn't be too much longer.

I just realized it is only three weeks until our annual trip to Myrtle Beach!  Kiki, Angel and I will be going for sure.  Jeannie and Ester are not getting to attend this year.  I wasn't sure I would either but thanks once again to Kiki I will be be there.  We will be leaving on November 8th and returning on the 12th.  Kiki will be coming here on the 7th and spending the night and then will stay over again on the 12th so she doesn't have to drive so much in one day.   I really can't wait.  I have been very isolated this year and just want to get away from this house for a few days--see the world, smell the sea air, hear the waves,  experience life!

I will save my next book review for another day.

Until next time...

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