Monday, July 22, 2013

Pieces of Tracy by J. Daniel Parra

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a book tour for J. Daniel Parra and his new book Pieces of Tracy.  I didn't know what I was getting into but I said yes.  I thought we were talking about a simple review as I have done before.  That, however, I have discovered was not the case and I have let Daniel down in a big way.  I can only apologize to him and his publisher as well as to each of you.  The book is fabulous and it deserves much more than I can give it here.  You really need to read this one!  I wish I could go back and do it over.  I actually had the chance to interview Daniel but didn't realize it.  What did I miss?

ABOUT THE BOOK (from the media kit)
Meet Teresa Felicia Santana León. In New York, she’s Tracy León, a would-be artist and telemarketer who falls for an older tycoon, Bruce Babich. When Bruce’s mother sends her to Rome to find a stolen painting, Tracy assumes an alter ego, the zesty Felicia Santana. In Rome, she meets a younger artist named Mario Giordani who helps her on her quest.
Before long, she is juggling two romances and two distinct identities: Tracy, demure trophy wife wannabe in New York’s high society, and wanton, thrill-seeking Felicia in sultry Rome. Against the backdrop of these exciting cities, she follows her divided heart, even if it leads her in the wrong direction.
The secrets behind the stolen painting send her on an unforgettable journey that prompts her to re-examine her own talents and inspirations. As the pieces come together, Tracy faces a life-changing choice, one that will lead to surprising discoveries about love and her own identity.

My Thoughts:
Dual personalities...boy, do I understand those!  Tracy/Felicia has two personalities, two love interest, and two wonderful cities to live in and explore. Although I didn't always understand Tracy's actions, I could relate to her dual personage.  I do disagree with some of her choices.  The characters are well developed and Daniel does a wonderful job expressing the contrasts between the two identities and how they affect the other.  Although we see that Tracy will never really change we also see her begin to take risks and explore the art she loves so much.  So maybe this is a change after all.    This is a very complex situation with humorous moments and it shows insights into the world of art and psyche.  The locations are breath-taking and well described.  I felt the heartbeat of of the cities  and I want to visit them but must do so vicariously. I give this one a thumbs up for a wonderful and pleasurable read.

For a more comprehensive review (as it should have been here)  and an interview with Daniel please check out   I promise the next time I have an opportunity like this one I will recognize it and take advantage of it.

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