Thursday, December 01, 2011


I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted here. But then I have my doubts that anyone reads it anyway. I have actually considered just closing it down and forgetting about it. But I will think on that for awhile before I make that decision.
Things have been flying by around here. I managed to finish up several consignment pieces which have been here much too long. I try to get them out quickly but sometimes things just get in the way. However, for now, I am caught up. I also finished up a couple of models for a new to me designer which I will tell you about when they are released. And, of course I am working on my designs for the Nashville show in February but I will share those on my Designer's Blog Lady K Needlearts .

I just returned form my annual trip to Myrtle Beach, SC for the Seaside Retreat. This year was much less eventful than last year when I totaled my car, wheelchair and carrier! This year I did not get to attend the classes as my budget just did not allow it but I did get to meet up with some of my friends that I had not seen since last year and Kiki and I spent a very relaxing week at the beach listening to the waves, smelling the salt air and stitching, talking and laughing! I was able to accomplish a lot while I was there--no distractions--and I came home with two completed tasks that needed to be finished asap. And I managed to get a really good start on one of the models for the Nashville show! I really needed that week away and came back relaxed and ready to hit the *job* again.

Since returning I have completed another design and have continued to stitch on my model so progress is being made. I am now revving up for the holidays. It will be quiet here at Chez Stitcher but I have my Stitching Sisters Christmas Get Together the following weekend to look forward to. I will keep you posted on the plans.

Until next time....

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Suzanne said...

So nice to see you blogging again :)