Thursday, August 12, 2010


As promised here is my Odds and Ends through part 2. This one is very colorful and lots of fun to stitch. I am using up lots of leftover silks for this one!

I also was able to continue on Zentangle so I now have it up through part 6. This is not a good photo but it is getting too big for the scanner and the heavy fabric kept sliding out! Next time I will have to pull out the camera and see if that is better. I am so loving this one I can hardly put it down. I seem to finish up parts when the moderaters in Germany are sleeping and I have to wait to get the next parts. But I will be caught up with this one soon I hope.

I have a couple of days before my next model arrives so I am trying to get some personal stitching done. I do have other things that I need to work on but these have been so much FUN!!

Until next time...


Rebecca said...

Can someway tell me what a Zentangle is and where I can find their Yahoo group?


The Mad Stitcher said...

Hi Rebecca. I am not sure of what the word actually means but this is a chart for a stitch-a-long in the German yahoo group. You will need to join the group and then join the SAL. There are plenty of English speakers there to help out when needed. HTH.