Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well I've finally done it....

I've have ventured into eBay! I have been thinking about selling some things on eBay for quite a while but have been afraid to do it. But I finally did it. I started with something small just to see if I could get it posted and it worked so I will be doing more. I am going to selling off some extra stash as well as some personal stuff and eventually I will market my own designs here. But it will all take a bit of time. If you are interested to see it my eBay name is madstitcherdesigns.

I am still trying to sell my house, complete two models, do my laundry, etc, etc, etc, so I haven't had much time for personal stitching. But I am hoping to have something more to share with you soon. Please keep checking in. You might find something you enjoy.

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