Monday, April 02, 2007


Forgiveness, originally uploaded by The Mad Stitcher.

This is Forgiveness by Vilma Becklin of ©Examplers from the Heart. I stitched this as a model for her on cream linen using Vikki Clayton silks. The photo really doesn't do this one justice. For some reason I just couldn't get the lighting and focus right. I finished it up Saturday evening and now I've got it all ready to send home.

Still living in chaos but it gets a bit better every day. At least i have my stitching--I can do without food!


cathymk said...

It's gorgeous!! I've been collecting reproduction quaker patterns for a while now. This one is a beauty and has such a lovely message. Congratulations!

Lavender Rose said...

This is really beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of it. Do you think the VC's were stronger in color than Sampler Threads would be?

Christine said...

It's so beautiful ! Congratulations. I've just recieved it last week.

Wawanna said...

Oh my goodness,is this ever stunning!!! Love the design and love Vikki's silks. You have done a superb job. Have a happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Es un bordado adorable!!!!! Felicitaciones!!!!
Erika - Chile