Monday, January 01, 2007

Lovely weekend

This weekend I had the get together for a group of friends. This was our *Christmas* and we had a wonderful time. We stitched a lot, talked a lot, ate too much, slept too little and laughed so much our sides hurt! It was wonderful! I got lots of stitching stash--4 Long Dog Sampler Charts (Rosemarkie, St Georges, St Sylvestry, and St Germaine) 4 M Designs Christmas Trees (Love, Dream, Peace and Kathy) 15 Accentuate metallic fibers, 4 Needle Necessities, a telescoping magnet, the Vikki Clayton Silks Sample Tag Assortment with binder, a carousel for my stitching basket, a GC to European Cross Stitch, a GC to my LNS, and I know I am forgetting something! I also got lots of non-stitching stuff--a jar opener (to help my arthritic hands), the Harry Potter book collection, a battery powered drill (all for myself!), a calendar mouse pad, leather memo holder, candy, coccoa, candles, and more! The biggest gift of all is just having the friendship and love of such a wonderful group of ladies. I feel so very fortunate.

The weekend started on Thursday evening with the arrival of Bunny. Then on Friday, Tracy and Kiki showed up in the early afternoon followed by Angela and finally Angel. Some of them had to leave on Sunday evening but Kiki stayed and brought in the New Year with me. She left this afternoon and I feel so alone now. It was a great weekend but I admit I am terribly tired. I think I will go take a nap!

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